New Zealands' own Graduate Choir New Zealand

Lisi o ata mae'a faaalia 

Mafai ona toe faaali pe a talosaga mai

. Moana; a story of the south seas (1926) 

. Return to Paradise (1953) 

. Bing Bing. A Kitten that lives at Magic Way


. Mr Bean Halloween (2015)

. Silly Symphony. Three Little Pigs (1933)

. The Jungle Book (2016)

.  Islands and climate change. (featuring  Fiji)

.  A new day in Samoa (1959)

. Pelepesite i Samoa 1961 (1961)

. Mose ma le tala i Tulafono e Sefulu 

. Mr Bean Movie Producer

. Mr Bean Scout Master

. Legend: Tarzan and the Jungle Madness 14

. Legend. Tarzan and the silver screen 22

. Luther. The Movie

. The life of Jesus Christ

. Vygotsky Sociocultural Development theory

. Merry Christmas Mr Bean

. Critical thinking skills for Language Learning

(Denise Eide)

. Teaching struggling readers and spellers (D. Eide)

. The honest woodcutter

. Enchanted mountain

. Rita Pierson. Every kids needs a champion

. Va Tapuia by Tusi Tamasese

. Consciousness. The last frontier

. Years of living dangerously. Premiere

. Salvation Army: A festival of carols

. Moana trailer

. Jerome Grey. Faia'oga e ala i pesega

. Dr Eugene Garcia. Multiple Benefits of Bilingualism

' The tinder box  - Hans Christian Andersen

. The gardener and the family - Hans C Andersen

. Our failing schools -  Dr Geoffrey  Canada

. Save our world

. No child left monolingual - Kim Potowski

. O le fagogo ia Tigilau ma Sina

. JK Rowling (Harry Potter) on failure & imagination

. Jesus Movie

. The Story of God (Morgan Freeman)

. Mom (Korean movie)

. O le tala ia Tagaloa

. Vygotsky's social cognitive  theory (Dr Duca)

. Samoan Family

. Human development: Vygotsky

. World in 2050

. Earth 2100

. The Fox and the Child

. Faavae i le Atua Samoa 1 & 2

. The importance of a dual language education

. Pros and cons of using digital technology

. Anthony Faitaua on Pasifika lens in pedagogy

. Emma: Queen of the South Seas

. Climate Change explained

. Heidi

. A Christian perspective on Creation

. The origin of Christmas

. Cathy Wylie on school management

. Dr Ravi Zacharias on Problem of Suffering

. Don't find a job find a mission Celeste Hadlee

. The magic science of storytelling David Phillips

. Katherine Birbalsingh on education

. Graduate Choir New Zealand  



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