Language - Black; Education - Blue; Politics, Religion, Culture etc - Purple

  In English ~ articles, reviews, essays, dissertations, etc   

Samoa's price for 25 years of political stability

Dr Iati Iati, University of Otago 

The Samoan Vowel Shift: A phenomenon

in phonetics and phonology

Paper by Levi Tavita & Saili Aukuso, UC

Le tofi ne'i vale tuulima: Perceptions of Samoan students, teachers and parents on the place of the Samoan language in New Zealand today

Masters Thesis by Salainaoloa Wilson, AUT

Pululima Faifai Pea. Establishment of

Samoan Immersion in ECE and Samoan Bilingual Units in Primary and Intermediate

PHD Thesis by Dr Patisepa Tuafuti, Waikato

Language change: Linguistic Imperialism

or Empowerment.  Observations on the use of English in contemporary urban Samoa

Masters Thesis by Phillipa Vague, Massey

Current Provision of Pacific Bilingual



His Holiness Pope Francis Speech at the United Nations Assembly

Pope Francis, PhD Theology


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Sharing education information in Samoan


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