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Upu o le Poto ~ Word of Wisdom 

E ui lava ina ou savali i le vanu o le ata o le oti, ou te le fefe lava i se mea leaga, aua o oe ta te faatasi ma a'u

Tavita Salamo 23


OLA 4 ~ 2024


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We cater to the publishing needs of our Pasifika peoples


We produce educational resources for schools with first priority on our Pasifika first languages (e.g. readers, guides, wordbooks, posters, brochures, calendars, yearbooks, activity books, etc).


We offer advice and support in the process of publishing your literary work.

Phone 0275-945106

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Samoa aumau ma le fo'i i le aiga

LPSL Tavita

Solo o le Aso Tofi  ~ Thursday Poem 

 Samoa History Today  

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May 29

2000 - The Olympic Flames arrives at Faleolo Airport

 Tala Nei  ~ Samoa

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Samoa o le tofi

Faitau i le OLA Lomiga 4 i le lauga a Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Dr Efi i le tofi, gagana ma le tua'oi

Iosefa Leiataua Iosefa



Live your life to the fullest

of who you are

and what you are

How you live your life

is none of my

or anybody else's business. 

You are Faafafine

Not homosexual

Your are the third sex.

you are the Sons and Daughters

Of this land, this culture

You are human beings

And deserve to be treated as such


I'm starting not to recognize you 

As I see you

Slowly melting into the western pot of Gayism

Which is the root of all misconceptions about you

You're a cog in the wheel of meaning

But only if you remain Faafafine

Not Homosexual.


Mai le Tusi Realities 1997


Image by Ethan Robertson

Pese o le Mau a Samoa
Alii ma Faipule Fa'ala Palauli

Iosefa Leiataua Iosefa


            E tauola mo a'oga i le gagana Samoa


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NIUPAC 2011  

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