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Talofa lava !



We publish in English also. We encourage our writers and artists to contribute by each one's own favourite genre. Our traditional genres are poetry, fiction  (short story, medium, novel, childrens, etc), nonfiction, song, artwork (painting, carving, even movie-making.


For childrens' writers, they must be familiar with their readers in terms of topics and reading age levels.


Old works or those formerly published 

can be included at the request or permission of the author or copyright holder.


There are three ways by which you can help us achieve the goals of this project:


1.  by donating your book or artwork freely to the cause of promoting biliteracy for  our children and people;

2. by promoting your work for the commerial

market, including a review; at a charge;  

3. by displaying or sharing your work (as  a class or school) with others; at a charge.


In processing your manuscript into book form, we charge a $1 per page. We can prepare a cover for your book at $4 for both sides (front and back).



We appreciate your feedback so we can better our service.  





OLA Team






for your book

All rights reserved. No part of these publications 
may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior permission of the website owner. The books are for your reading leisure only.  Thank you for heeding this advice. 

Ua puipuia nei tusi ma o latou anotusi mai le faaaogaina faasolitulafono, e aofia ai lo latou kopiina, pu'eina ma teuina e aunoa ma se faatagaga mai le pule o lenei upega.  A ua faaavanoaina mo le na o le faitauina. Faafetai mo le amana'ia o le fautuaga. 

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