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Evaleon Books & Educational Resources

Our Distributors

Evaleon Books and Educational Resources is a trading name by which we operate in the commercial market as a vendor.  Established in 2002 it has been involved with more than

5000 assignments pertaining to our clients service and the community at large.  Evaleon Books has three main goals:

1. to prepare and publish essential and affordable resources to support the teaching and learning of Samoan or any other Pasifika language in New Zealand schools;

2. to support bilingual programmes through provisions of much needed resources as well as offer professional advice and service;

3. to facilitate resource needs on behalf of Pasifika children.   


Since 2002 we have published at least 40 book titles - mostly educational; we also cater specifically to individual and school needs regularly. For instance we devise pamphlets, posters, newsletters, promotional material, etc. 

Listed below are some of our titles on offer:

Young Readers ~ 
Aufaitau laiti

​- O Laumei i Tepatasi

- O le Uo a Tama e Toatolu

- O ai a'u? Manu ma I'a

- Flying Diamonds

- Sosola

- Uo a le Paa ma le Tupa

​References ~
Tusi a'oga

​- ESOL English-Samoan Book 1

- ESOL English-Samoan Book 2

- Lau Amata Series (Samoan

  Grammar Workbook) Book 1

- Lau Amata Series Book 2

- Lau Amata Series Book 3


​Literacy Development ~ Tusi e a'oa'o ai

- Se'i a'o la'u faitau

- Se'i a'o la'u tusitusi

- Leo matala o le gagana

- O le Manumea

- Fauupu 1

- Talanoa

Vocabulary building ~
Atia'e le utuvagana

- ESOL English-Samoan Book 1

- ESOL English-Samoan Book 2

- Samoan Bilingual Crosswords

- Maori Bilingual Crosswords
- Sueupu Samoa Vasega Matutua

- Paso ma Sueupu Samoa Vasega Laiti

Fa'aaoga le pusa e fesoota'i mai ai mo sau faatau:

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(New release)



Title:  Moon Kites

(a song to childhood).

A book of poems by Levi Tavita

Size:  70 pages, A5 perfect bind

Cover: gloss

Published by Evaleon Books

Synopsis:  A selection of poems by NZ based Samoan writer Levi Tavita. 50 contemporary poems in familiar contexts and themes. Offered at $15.00 per copy.



Beautiful! - Revel Somervell   


Senior Readers ~ Aufaitau matutua

- King of the Island

- Sione Uesile (biography)
- Ioane Viliamu
- O le Taiala Samoan Bilingual
- Fafaga le Fanau i Upu ma Tala

- Ia Malamalama

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